Tips to Program 2021 Kia Forte All Keys Lost

Here comes the problem:

Working on a 2021 Kia Forte LXS with bladed ignition. All keys lost. Customer gained entry somehow before I arrived and alarm was active (sounding.)
The Hyde manual states no transponder on this model. No security symbol.  There’s a security light when the car senses a transponder key. If there’s no transponder key there’s no light. It’s opposite from every other manufacturer out there.

It might have a transponder being a 21 but basically the new update to the BCM that they came out with makes it where you can’t start the vehicle if the alarm’s going off and you can’t deactivate the alarm without the remote.
Customer had key code so I cut a test key blade and it turn the ignition but would not start the vehicle.

How to turn the alarm off with a non-transponder key? Some of the older ones would turn off by cycling the key 6 times with foot on brake. Or does some of the Kias have transponders?

Kia Forte 2021 Key

Problem solved:
Turn ignition on and leave for 30 seconds. Alarm will sound for the 30 seconds then beep twice. Used the Kia online owners manual.

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