Autel KM100 Program Nissan Sentra 2022 Smart Key

Autel KM100 new user feedback:

Key Programming for Nissan Sentra 2022.
Need 28 digits pin code (KM100 doesn’t release the pin code).

Once you have the PINCODE (got the pin from a Master), you can program proximity with KM 100.

Nissan cable (16+32 gateway adapter) needed And if you already have the code you can program it with km100 without any problem.

Special cable is needed is cable 16 + 32 and connects up in the direction of the accelerator pedal when you send the pin programs with km100 of the model 2022.

Autel Km100 Sentra 2022 Key 3

Autel Km100 Sentra 2022 Key 1

Autel Km100 Sentra 2022 Key 2

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