Automotive V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine Pros & Cons

Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine what works and does not work?


  1. Cutting from code, can be used with the keyless condition
  2. It is a very light use machine (17.4KG), can be used inside cars
  3. The battery seems to last pretty good.  Have rechargeable battery inside so you can use it without power
  4. Upgradable database (2013V for free, pay for 2014V or newer)
  5. Does the same as the Miracle A5 but a lot cheaper to buy. Menu is exactly same as Miracle A5.
  6. Can work and run off laptop connected with USB cable.
  7. Full working with all keys, even with VAG key, use it with PC and extra software (codemaster)
  8. Need decoder, iteasy to find new one made your own. X6 has a quick release slide catch, carbide cutter and plotter, bothcan be easily purchased.
  9. It comes with 2 spare belts and spare cutters and plotters.
  10. The X sensor controls left to right, the Y sensor in and out and Z sensor up and down.
  11. If you want a nice looking key and if you don’t want to go through cutters, X6 is a good starter machine
  12. Got X6 and cut a tibbe key with the adaptor with very good results.
  13. X6 Machine use their own firmware, it is not a copy


  1. The only fault so far is it will not decode VA2 or HU83 keys.Will cut them perfect if you input code but no decode.
  2. The power supply was poor, but easily replaced and purchased
  3. Speed was set to very slow
  4. It wont decode the va2/va6 key with the 1234q5678h series
  5. The direction is not like the common motor in the market

If you have enough budget, Condor XC-mini master series is the solid and best choice locksmith tool in Chinese market. And X6 is a good starter for locksmith.


Free download V8/X6 key code cutting machine user manual

Free download V8/X6 key cutter Video & 2013V database


V8/X6 key cutting machine components, accessories, installation etc


v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-3 v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-4 v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-5 v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-6 v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-7 v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-9 v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-10 v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-31 v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-71 v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-component v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-component-1 v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-component-3 v8-x6-key-cutting-machine-component-4
one PCS English manual ( Electronic files ).
one PCS 2.5mm dedicated mills. two PCS Dedicated probe 2. Spare belt.
one PCS USB data cable and one set Electrical impulse
Model Number:  HKA-01
Voltage:  85-265V
Rated Power:  500
Certification:  CE
Warranty:  2 Years


What situation you can make keys with this V8/X6 car key cutting machine?
1) You have the original key and make a new key:
When you start this machine, you will see the menu, just follow the menu prompt to enter the number to read key teeth step by step. Then you will get the new key
2) You lost all keys.
When you lost all original keys, enter the appropriate number of head lock, then follow the menu prompt to make new key.
3) Mainly used have the key with keyless lost data with the key.

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