How to use OBDSTAR EEPROM PIC adapter with X100 pro

OBDSTAR EEPROM adapter is used to read out password from EEPROM chip and restore data. The adapter now is newly added with PIC adapters & cables and verified working fine with OBDStar X100 pro/ X-300 Pro (domestic x-100) to read write CPU data on a part of car computer. And now it is called OBDSTAR EEPROM PIC 2-in-1 adapter.

obdstar eeprom pic adapter-01

PIC adapter workable car models (05-26-2016 update):

Initialize CPU data for immobilizer coil on FAW Vios V5(PIC)

Initialize CPU data for immobilizer coil on FAW N5 (FREESCALE)

Initialize CPU data for immobilizer coil on FAW N7 (FREESCALE)

More car models are under development.


Why immobilizer coil needs to be initialized?

Take FAW Vios V5 (Immobilizer coil model is 89783-52Q40) and FAW N5/N7 (Immobilizer coil model is 89783-TBA00) for example, if their keys are lost, the 4S tend to replace new immobilizer coil then match key, usually a immobilizer coil cost about $50-$85. However, our OBDSTAR PIC adapter is designed to initialize adapter without replacing immobilizer coil, you just directly match new key after immo coil initialization. Besides, PIC adapter is able to initialize immo coil for unlimited times, which will help car owner save the new immobilizer coil cost and also time cost.


EEPROM adapter workable car models and corresponding function:

Can read/write/save/restore data for following group of chips:






Can read out IMMO code for following car models:

Beiqi E150, E130

Buick Sail, Hideo new GL8, LaCrosse after 09, Regal after 09 and Ang Kela

Cadillac SLS and SRX

Changan CM8, Yue Xiang, Zhi Xiang and Benben


Chery SIIC Transportation and DIAS

Chevrolet Cruze and TRAX


Citroen Elysee


Dfpv S3

Geely Dorsett /Vision

Great Wall Wingle (diesel)


FAW Haima Automobile 323 and DIAS

Hawtai DIAS



Jiangling Landwind






Note: Need to remove EEPROM chip to read out code.


How PIC adapter work with OBDStar X-300 PRO (OBDStar X-100 pro) and initialize immo coil on FAW Vios V5?

FAW Vios V5 key lost and firstly need to initialize immo coil, the procedure shown as follows:

1.Remove immobilizer coil from ignition switch, model: 89783-52Q40

immobilizer coil 89783-52Q40

2.Take apart immobilizer coil and then connect to the PIC adapter, there are two optional methods:

(1). Directly Connect

connect to pic-04



(2) Take apart the chip to weld:

Take apart the 14pin chip from immobilizer coil, then weld to the NO.2 PIC adapter. (Any one of following 4 welding position is ok).


3.Connect well X-300 Pro main unit, adapter and No.2 PIC adapter, and then supply power. Press menu to enter: Function – EEPROM adapter- PIC/ Freescale – FAW- Wei Chi V5.

4.Initialization, wait until it finish.

5.After initialization, install immo coil back to the car, start to match key, procedure as follows:


Match 2 keys:

1.Insert a new key into ignition lock, wait 5 seconds (Note: just insert key to OFF position, not turn to ON position)

2.Insert the second new key into ignition lock, wait 5 seconds (Note: just insert key to OFF position, not turn to ON position)

3.Take out the second key from ignition lock, then insert one key that programmed into the ignition, quick turn on and off ignition for 5 times, immo light turn off, program done.

4.After key programming done, it needs to synchronize engine and immobilizer. Procedure as follows: connect X300 PRO to the vehicle, enter X300 pro IMMO remote match – FAW Vios V5 – Engine and immobilizer synchronization – type.

5.Synchronization complete.



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