How to renew ESL for Mercedes W204 W207 W212

Generally, it’s often to see that something wrong with the ESL for Mercedes-Benz 204 207 212 models. Here, we offer an instruction on how to change a Mercedes W204, w207, W212 ESL, with the help of Xhorse VVDI MB BGA tool and Xhorse ELV Emulator for ESL renew.


Usually, there are two occasions:

1- something wrong with ESL motor-> replace it with a new ESL motor

2- dead NEC chip in the ESL-> replace it with a new ESL


Step 1 – check if there is something wrong with ESL

You need: a genuine VVDI MB Tool

Enter VVDI Benz software

If display “ESL unavailable”, it is generally the motor issues; if it displays “ESL damaged”, please get a new ESL to replace it.


Step 2 – change a direction lock ESL

1- MUST erase ESL

2- re-write ESL

3- personalize ESL

4- ESL synchronization at the same time

No ESL synchronization but ESL personalization if not erase ESL first


Step 3 – erase ESL

1- key pass

2- erase pass

3- select IR

4- save EIS data

5- renew EIS

to clear pass is aimed to directly read pass

VVDI MB Tool gets pass – successful probability: 90% +


Step 4 – Write Chassis number


Step 5 – Personalize W204 ESL


Step 6 – Initialize

No Tick on Initialized

(tick only on TP cleared, Personalized, Activated)

Insert the original key

Tick on Initialized (& TP cleared, Personalized, Activated)

Change Electronic Steering Lock (ESL) success!



It’s hard to buy Mercedes 204/207 locks even if they are expensive. But you can disassemble the ESL and replace it with 212’s lock. So for Mercedes 204/207 locks, you can replace them with cheap 212 lock available.

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