2016 Lishi VW HU162 T(10) 2 in 1 Auto Pick Decoder

The genuine LISHI tools inventor Mr. Li shows his brand 2016 super new tool for HU162 tool, this HU162 T(10) 2 in 1 auto lock and decoder is used for new VAG locks with 4 side cuts and 6 inner cuts, these locks are normally seen on VAG vehicles with proximity access like Audi TT and VW Passat from 2015.


And hopefully VW have now got better things to be worried about rather than making any more changes to the locks for a while.


What’s the differences between lISHI VW HU162(T9) 2 in 1 and Audi HU162 T (10) 2 In 1 decoder?


One has 9 cuts and one has 10 cuts , 9 cut has 3 side cuts , 10 cut has 4 side cuts , and reverse key sections of each other , the conventional cuts have 5 key heights on 10 cut the side cuts use just 4 heights on 10 cut side cuts are opposite cut to conventional cut , 9 cut has 4 key heights on conventional cuts and 4 key heights on side cuts and again side cut is opposite height to conventional cut by reverse section i mean a bit like hu66 and hu92 as an example and hu100 and hu100r, so as different key sections they are different tools . 10 cut used on prox key models 9 cut on non prox models , then there’s also the 8 cut with no side cuts used on some models too.


Video Column:

How to use LISHI Audi HU162 T(10) 2-in-1 Auto Pick

Lishi HU162 VAG2015 with 4 side cuts + 6 inner cuts

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