Program Maserati 2016 smart key with Lonsdor K518ISE

Here’s the guide to program Maserati 2016 smart key by using Lonsdor K518ISE car key programmer.


Chip model: Dedicated smart card

PIN code requirement: Dismantle/read the onboard computer to get PIN code (Please refer to the “Operation” for details)

Device to program: Lonsdor K518 English version K518ISE

Remote generation: Program smart key complete, remote will automatically generated

Under the steering wheel:

k518ise-Maserati-smart key-2016-8

k518ise-Maserati-smart key-2016-9

2016- Ghibli

k518ise-Maserati-smart key-2016-10
2016- Quattroporte

k518ise-Maserati-smart key-2016-11

Dedicated smart card

k518ise-Maserati-smart key-2016-12
1. The backup immodata: please refer to the “Operation” to backup immodata, after that program and delete key can be proceed;

2. Add smart key: to program smart card, add key and all key lost have the same operation;

3. Delete smart key: delete all the programmed smart cards.


1. 2016- Maserati (Ghibli, Quattroporte, SUV: Levante) need to dismantle & read the onboard computer(ECU) data to get PIN code;

a. Levante ECU located in the rear cover top of the car:

k518ise-Maserati-smart key-2016-1

b. The onboard computer of Ghibli and Quattroporte are located in the rear windshield, the former needs to dismantle from

the rear seat(see below). The latter needs to dismantle from the trunk audio position,then you will see the onboard computer.
k518ise-Maserati-smart key-2016-2

2. Onboard computer appearance and dismantle/read eight feet chip (95640):

k518ise-Maserati-smart key-2016-3

k518ise-Maserati-smart key-2016-4

3. Backup immodata (as shown below)

a. Connect Lonsdor K518ISE main host to KPROG adapter, and connect 12V power supply (must use K518ISE dedicated power supply);

b. Weld the eight feet chip (95640) on the “E-01 board”;

c. Click the menu to start backing up the data.

d. Data backup complete, please weld the chip back to the onboard computer and install well;

k518ise-Maserati-smart key-2016-5

Note: If you can not read data with the KPROG adapter, you can use a programmer to read and copy the data into the K518ISE specified folder, the path: K518 -> file -> feature_553

4. Add / delete key

a. Please follow the system prompts.


1. The deleted smart card key can only be used for the vehicle to do program operation;

2. Emergency flasher (dangerous warning light) position, as shown in red circle:

k518ise-Maserati-smart key-2016-6

3. For the new Maserati models, in the bottom of the pole position has a “knob” as shown below, cars without this knob belong to the old system before 2016.

k518ise-Maserati-smart key-2016-7

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