VW Passat 2014 Kessy Key Learning using Auro IM600

How to: VW Passat 2014 Kessy (Keyless Access System) Key Learning with Auro OtoSys IM100/IM600.



Select IMMO->Auto Detect VIN



Reading vehicle information


Analyzing vehicle IMMO type


1. Megamos 48 key; #31 Key Blank
2. Key learning procedure performs the same whether or not vehicle has Kessy Learning Remote Controls is needed while there is no kessy.

3. “Key Learning” function will first clear all working keys, then learn keys available. “Remote control learning” function will first clear all working remotes, then learn remotes available.
4. “Key Add” function will add one key to existing key count. “Remote control add” function will add one remote to existing remote count.
5. It is normal that the instrument will be automatically restored later remains dark possibly while the function is active.
6.In case the instrument remains dark and cannot be restored due to unexpected factors, please go to Expert Mode->Instrument CAN->VDO NEC+24c64 2013->Reset instrument for restoration.

7.Way to Expert Mode: manually select Brand, and then select Expert Mode.


Check key status


Select Key Learning function


Read IMMO Data

The instrument will turn black, which is normal.
It will automatically restore instrument later.


Maker Dealer Key

Perform Key adaption to vehicle


Confirm have Kessy


Auro OtoSys ask to enter number of keys to be learned: 2


Insert 1st key into vehicle induction coil, wait for 2 sec and then press OK.
If other keys are too close to the coil. it may cause key learning failure.


Insert last key into vehicle induction coil, wait for 2 sec and then press OK.


Key learning completed.


The car has Kessy, do it does not need to learn remote control.


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VW Passat 2014 Kessy Key Learning with Auro OtoSys IM600

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