SVCI FVDI 2019 2020 Missing License Solution


I try to test the new version vag v37 and Mercedes V10.8 software of FVDI 2020, failed to use special function (test key learning, instrument, Dump tool etc ), gave me missing license error message. Check image below

Svci 2020 6

Svci 2020 7

Svci 2020 8

Svci 2020 9

Svci 2020 License Missing



SVCI 2019 and 2020 new version software supports basic function only ( fault diagnosis, fault codes clear,reading data streams, and motion testing to new models of 2019),  Missing license error indicates that it does not support special functions.

* New version special functions is locked by AVDI original server.

Older version & SVCI 2020 JLR, Suzuki, Daihatsu software special function still works, i,e VAG V24

Svci 2020 3

Svci 2020 4

Svci 2020 5


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