How to Update Xtool TP200, X300P, X100 Pro2, X300 Plus?

Here’s step-by-step online update guide of xtool products, including TP200, X300P, X100 Pro, X100 Pro2, X300 Plus.

Xtool Tools

Step 1: Visit Xtool official website

Step 2: Select product you desired,  download and Install the upgrade tool installation package

Update Xtool Software 1

Step 3:  Extract the installation package into an upgrade tool

Update Xtool Software 2

Step 4:

Connect xtool device to Windows computer with Type-c cable; (If the USB device cannot be recognized.

Use this method: 1) insert the TYPE-C connector halfway to make the screen light up.  2)  then insert all of the TYPE-C connector to identify the USB device)


Step 5: 

Open the upgrade tool,input the Product SN and Password,then click login;

(Certificate of conformity with S / N and password.

Note: The serial number begins with the three letters PRO)

Update Xtool Software 3

Update Xtool Software 4

Step 6: Select the required language upgrade;

Update Xtool Software 5

Step 7: Wait until the upgrade completed.

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