Autel IM608 Failed to Read BMW F48 FEM ISN Code Solution


Autel im608 has programmed a new key on a 2017 BMW 330i fem system (engine code is F48) successfully.  On bench with a FEM test platform.
However I tried the ISN code management in order to pull the ISN code has no luck. IM608 just showing communication failed ( just curious if in AKL position)
Autel Im608 F48 Isn Code 2
Autel Im608 F48 Isn Code 1
Customer working solution:
 increased voltage to dme to 13.2 v and it read it.
12v charge cable in van, start van and let alternator bring voltage up.
You can have three of these wired into the back of my van (one with voltmeter, two without) wired up to two leisure batteries, they read leisure battery voltage, but when I need to pull isn from dme, sometimes it fails, i then start the van, let the alternator (via split charge relay) get the voltage up and then read dme again.
You can never have too many charge ports in the back of your van
Add Voltage

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