Where to Find Jaguar Land Rover Keys that Allow ID to be Changed?


I need to duplicate a new key to a Land rover sport 2015 with Yanhua Mini ACDP and module 9. It asks for a special key that can change ID correctly on the BAV key adapter.

Where can I find the aftermarket Landrover/ Jaguar keys that allow the ID to be changed/modified?

Change Jlr Key Id 1


KeyDIY zb series zb26 5 button clone. Works to change id
How to change if the JLR key ID can be changed?
In Yanhua ACDP App, select Jaguar/Land Rover programming – OBBD Duplicate key/All keys lost (2011-2019) – Identify key info
Change Jlr Key Id 2
Change Jlr Key Id 3
It will show you whether the key ID can be modified or not. You can fine ID changeable key like lonsdor key.

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