Cheap Toyota G and H OBD Key Programmer Reviews

This Key Fob Programming Tool is used to add Transponder and Remote Control Keys for Toyota G chips Vehicles with 4d67/68/72(G) Chip, and a few special H chips.

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Here is a quick guide on a newer Toyota vehicle new key copy and this applied to a lof of different vehicles nowadays.


Sometimes you can save a lot of money that’s why people are do-it-yourselfers nowadays.

And if you do things especially like what I’m talking about today do a little bit of research online because all the information is available for you the parts and the tools necessary nowadays are available to you if you don’t like to do things yourself then by all means just take your vehicle to a dealer for whatever you need or whatever have you but this specifically is to the newer generation Toyota vehicles and they have the keys so this is the original so you want to have a copy made and if you call the dealership you’re talking upwards of $200 to have a key made. So you go online you go on you spend $18.99 on this little programming tool (Toyota G and H OBD key programmer) to program these keys and let me see I’ll read you the instructions real quick.

So you get a key and the key itself is $21.99 the programmer is $18.99 and then you have the key cut to the original key that’s gonna cost about four to ten dollars you know it all depends on where you live or who you know or whatever.  Anyways so you could get yourself one these keys online you get yourself one of these little programmers online have it cut at your local locksmith.

Toyota Obd Key Programmer Review 1

Toyota Obd Key Programmer Review 5

I’m just gonna read you real quick we’re gonna have it done real quick.

It says Toyota add transponder get in the car and close the door. Insert the main key into the lock and turn the key on and then insert the device into the OBD it will sound device.

It will start to add transponder after the sound literally says DiDi two to three minutes later anti-theft light is on and then remove the key anti-theft light will flash insert the new key and doesn’t need turn the key.  Now this is says insert the key new key and doesn’t need turn key this is obviously not proper grammar there either translating this from Chinese or they were at your local public school. Anyways anti-theft light will be off later.

You got a switch right there left is to add the transponder on the other side that’s for the remote key program you could switch that to the right so we’re gonna do it real quick.

all right so once again it says get in the car close the door which the doors closed.

there you go insert the main key in the lock and turn the key on and insert the device and we did that if this hit it will sound twice start to add the transponder after the sound Di to the three minutes later anti left anti-theft device or the anti-theft light is on and then remove the key. The anti-theft light will flash, insert the new key and doesn’t need turn the key I think it means and you don’t need to turn the key but I’m translating here anti-theft light will be off later.

All right so let’s go ahead and test it.

Toyota Obd Key Programmer Review 2

Toyota Obd Key Programmer Review 3

Toyota Obd Key Programmer Review 4

there you go.


(Review 2)

Worked perfect on my 2017 H key Toyota.. and the dealer charged 10 bucks to cut it.
(Review 3)
This worked on my toyota sienna 16 le. I got the key and transponder working.
(Review 4)
Got my toyota sienna 16 le remote control and key transponder working with this programmer.
(Review 5)

Wonderful. Worked like I needed and expected what I like it because I went to Toyota dealer they wanted to charge me $425 for the key and programming. Now with G Key Programmer OBD Remote Key Programmer Fob Programming Tool, with one connection and follow the instructions my remote was programming. Thanks a lot

(Review 6)

Used on a 2011 Sienna XLE Van I programmed 2 keys and 2 remotes without any issue. One key was new, one old. Both remotes were used on other Sienna vans and had no issue being transferred. The only issue I had was my own impatience. When you insert a new key, it seems like it failed, your turning off the van and simply inserting a key without doing anything like turning it back on….. (new key was uncut, no issue at all), you just have to be patient and allow the dash security light to go off, took a couple of minutes but happened without issue (I pulled it too soon on the first try). I never checked how much the dealer charges, but we paid $120 to have 2 keys done for a Jeep.

(Review 7)

I have a 2007 Toyota Tacoma with the original key to use .It worked fine for me and saved me $ 350.00 on just programing . The instructions are a little hard to read but, it was worth the price definitely. The price would have been $575.00 range for just one key . I got myself one key and one remote here . Got myself a fine file kit here too and traced out the original key . Filed out the key being careful to clean it off testing and fitting it until it turned the lock . After that I followed the instructions to program it . I was overjoyed that it worked and saved me a bundle of bucks . YOU NEED TO HAVE A KEY THAT CAME WITH THE VEHICLE FOR THIS TO WORK .

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