How to Solve Nissan ‘Key System Error’ After Program New Keys?

The problem goes like this:

I’ve programmed a new key to 2016 Nissan Maxima with autel im608 successfully.  Everything works fine besides this key system error message. Is it because it’s aftermarket key ? Or because I have used the one with remote start and this might not have it ? How did you solve it?

Autel Im608 Nissan Key System Error


Wrong buttons. configuration. Car doesn’t have remote start.

16 and up on Nissan need the exact key with the same number of buttons.

Had to make the one with the correct buttons.

Delete the amount of wrong buttons delete and program original key with different buttons and done.

You programmed a key with correct focos but button configuration incorrect, delete and add the correct key. If it doesn’t have remote start don’t add a remote start key.

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