Autel IM608 Adds XEQ384 XET512 BMW FRM Data Recovery

Autel MaxiIM IM608/IM508 XP400 (Pro) released a mega update for the immobilizer and programming in July 2022.


W got new FRM that can be done on the BMW new EEPROMs
They have added 52 mcus and some more eeproms.


Immo Program V4.00

IMMO_ Immo Program Version number V4.00 Release date 2022/07/28
1. Adds FRM XEQ384 (3M25J) data recovery function for 13 BMW E chassis models.
2. Adds FRM XET512 data recovery function for 2 BMW F chassis models.
3. Adds read & write function for 65 types of EEPROM.
4. Adds read & write function for 52 types of MCU.
5. Adds read & write function for 11 IMMO modules for models including Geely Preface, Honda Acura and Jeep Renegade.
6. Adds read & write function for 13 types of instrument cluster for models including Volkswagen Passat, Fiat and Buick.
7. Adds read & write function for 8 types of airbag modules for models including BMW and Mercedes-Benz.
8. Adds read & write function for 15 other modules for models including Porsche and Ford.
g. Adds universal key generation function for 391 menus for models including BMW, Infiniti, Volkswagen and Porsche.
10. Adds FRM XEQ384 (3M25J) DFIash read & write function in other function modules for BMW F chassis models.

11. Adds description of Settings function in Chip read & write function module\
12. Optimize operating instructions for TC1796 ECM read & write.
13. Optimize prompts in case of abnormity of Write Key via Dump function
14. Optimize Audi ESL function and its schematic diagram
15. Optimize ECM read & write function for Kia


as well as other brand IMMO program updates, check update notice in IM608/IM508.

Autel Im608 Update 1

Autel Im608 Update 2

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