How to Add Indian Australian Brazilian Cars to Autel KM100 IM508 IM608?

Autel MaxiIM series KM100, IM508, IM608, IM608 Pro global versions don’t have Indian, Australian, Brazilian, and Malaysian car brands.

How to add these brands to MaxiIM devices?



If need to activate Australian brands to MaxiIM, contact

For AU: Ford, Holden


2). If need to activate license for Latin American, Indian and Malaysian car brands, visit

Select the corresponding region and agent to pay for the license


Indian agents for: Maruti Sukuzi, Mahindra, TATA , Indian Datsun

Autel Maxiim Indian

Malaysian agents for Perodua, Proton

Autel Maxiim Latin Amerian 3

Brazilian, Latin American, South American agent for Fiat Brazilian, GM Brazilian, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra

Autel Maxiim Latin Amerian 1

Autel Maxiim Latin Amerian 2





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