Autel IM508 IM608 Does Not Turn On Solution?


My Autel IM508 doesn’t open. It stayed in the socket for a few hours.

Autel Im508 Does Not Turn On

Solution to IM508/IM608 no turn on problem:

1.Connect the power connector and try to turn it on again

2. If still cannot turn it on, charge batter for half an hour, then turn on again

3. If still not working, press and hold the power button for more than 15 seconds to try to force the power on

4. If failed to turn it on, provide your seller with a video clip and send the machine back to repair.


If cannot charge IM508/IM608?

1. Turn on the device and charge, and record the video at the same time, and record whether the power of the machine has not changed after charging for a period of time;
2. Replace the power plug, if it still cannot be charged, send back for repair.


IM508/IM608 stuck on boot screen?

Reflash machine.

Autel IM608 Screen Freeze Splash Boot Logo Solution


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