How to Connect and Renew Mercedes W204 TCM with Autel IM608?


I want to swap mercedes w204 tcm (mercedes w204 is the C class series from 2008 till 2014). The Autel IM608 shows only this drawing. My question is, does this connect to the gbox or the j2534 or same, or both?
I tried connecting the cables from the tcm to the gbox, powered it by the 12 V adapter, and then the gbox to the J2534, and the j2534 through the cable to the tablet.
In fact I didn’t have Resistors at that time other than the ones came with the gbox (900 ohms).
Another thing, the yellow cable as per the drawing is CAN-L, but as per the tag on the cable and the Gbox it is CAN-H (the green is CAN-L as well). So need to know which one to connect to PIN-2 on the transmission (CAN-H or CAN-L). Anyway, I used both ways, once the yellow one then swaped with the green.
As a result, I was not able to communicate with the tcm. Anyone can suggest what was the problem? Is it only that I don’t have the proper resistor? Or the connections? Etc…
Another thing, I need correction if my understanding of the process is wrong. The steps will be:
1. Read old tcm, on bench
2. Virginize the donor tcm, on bench
3. Write data to donor tcm, on bench
4. Write vin to donor tcm, on bench or on car?
5. Coding of the new tcm to the ezs, on vehicle

Autel Im608 Renew Benz Tcm 1

Autel Im608 Renew Benz Tcm 8


Don’t need gbox2. It is the description and meaning of the wires that matters not wire colors!!! And you need that 120R resistor. This procedure is as simple as that wiring diagram.

Job very easy, people make it so hard,use direct connection to tcm from obd,120ohm required then you are ready to go.

the wiring diagram is correct in autel.

Follow wiring diagram below

Autel Im608 Renew Benz Tcm 4

Autel Im608 Renew Benz Tcm 5

Autel Im608 Renew Benz Tcm 6

Autel Im608 Renew Benz Tcm 7

Or do it this way.

Did not use gbox. I used vci hooked with usb, godiag bench connecter connected with 12v with 120ohm switch. Hook can hi, can low, power and ground.

godiag bench connector has everything you need. The godiag also has the correct round pins for easy attachment the Tcu connector.


Program Mercedes TCU VGS2 with Autel IM608 on Bench

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