Top 5 Tools to Bypass Toyota Smart Key 12-Digit Security Code

When you are trying to program a key for newer Toyota 8A/4A (2018+) proximity all keys lost it will ask you for the 12-digit security code. How to get these codes?

Toyota 12 Digit Rolling Code

The newer Toyota’s have an extra security component even adding keys diagnostically will be a problem unless you have the special password.

These rolling code changes every time you plug in. You can buy code online directly or have other tools to bypass the pin code.


Bypass method:

Here are top tools that will bypass seed code for Toyota 8A/4A smart key.


1). Autel MaxiIM IM608/IM508 series 

Autel MaxiIM had an update for Toyota. It supports back up immo data for 8A smart keys via OBD. The Gbox is not needed. Connect right into the OBD2 port. It did back up the data. Then go into key learning, follow the steps, it asks if back up, click Yes and it went into learning mode. And successfully learn a New key via OBD II without doing a In-code or out-code, or any Password.


2 Ways to bypass pin with Autel:

a. Very simple use apb112 emulator and it takes 5 mins.

You need to generate a master key with the apb112 then use it to add a key.

Autel+apb112+ right key.



You can also do it without the apb112 just have to do a smart box reset and wait the 16min.

Much easier and cheaper to do it with the apb112 way. And besides it can be used for other things also.

Just make sure to have the right key.

If it is a US car, generate Autel ikey universal remote. Just reset smart box then program keys afterwards. Do without 12 digits reset immo. Always 15min or so reset to get access to AKL ! Same with Subaru. And you need to unlock key if you purchase an original used key.


IM608 also release an update for 4A proximity add key and all keys lost free pin code via OBD in May 2023.

Autel Im508 Add Toyota 8a Pin Free


2). OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus/X300 pro4


You will need the CAN Direct Kit to bypass rolling code for 8A/4A proximity. The kit contains a Toyota 24 cable (for Corolla 4A) and Toyota 27 cable (for 4A,8A-A9, 8A-AA Toyota vehicles.)

The CAN DIRECT cable and the online calculations are working spot on, no issue 2018 to 2022 on all (A9 A9 and AA AA).

All keys lost requires Key SIM emulator as well.

Toyota 24 Cable

Toyota 27 Cable 1

Functions and Vehicle List

  • 1. 2019- COROLLA 4A proximity key programming (free pincode);
  • 2. 2021- COROLLA CROSS 4A proximity key programming (free pincode);
  • 3. 2021- COROLLA CROSS HV 4A proximity key programming (free pincode);
  • 4. 2021- COROLLA SPORT 4A proximity key programming (free pincode);
  • 5. 2021- COROLLA SPORT HV 4A proximity key programming (free pincode);
  • 6. 2021- COROLLA TOURING 4A proximity key programming (free pincode);
  • 7. 2021- COROLLA TOURING HV 4A proximity key programming (free pincode);
  • 8. 2021- COROLLA HV 4A proximity key programming (free pincode);
  • 9. 2019- LEVIN 4A proximity key programming (free pincode);
  • 10. 2021- LEVIN HV 4A proximity key programming (free pincode);
  • 11. 2021- ALLION 4A proximity key programming (free pincode);
  • 12. 2021- LIVIN 4A proximity key programming (free pincode).
  • 13. 2018- TOYOTA CAMRY proximity(8A-A9) key programming (free pincode)
  • 14. 2018- TOYOTA C-HR proximity(8A-A9) key programming (free pincode)
  • 15. 2018- TOYOTA IZOA proximity(8A-A9) key programming (free pincode)
  • 16. 2018- LEXUS RX450H proximity(8A-A9) key programming (free pincode)
  • 17. 2018- TOYOTA HIGHLANDER HV 8A-AA proximity add keys & all keys lost (free pincode)
  • 18. 2018- TOYOTA RAV4 8A-AA proximity add keys & all keys lost(free pincode)
  • 19. 2018- TOYOTA RAV4 HV 8A-AA proximity add keys & all keys lost (free pincode)
  • 20. 2018- TOYOTA AVALON 8A-AA proximity add keys & all keys lost (free pincode)
  • 21. 2018- TOYOTA CROWN KLUGER HV 8A-AA proximity add keys & all keys lost (free pincode)
  • 22. 2018- LEXUS ES 8A-AA proximity add keys & all keys lost (free pincode)
  • 23. 2018- LEXUS UX 8A-AA proximity add keys & all keys lost (free pincode)
  • 24. 2018- LEXUS RX 8A-AA proximity add keys & all keys lost (free pincode)
  • 25. 2018- TOYOTA CROWN 8A-A8 all keys lost(free pincode)
  • 26. 2018- TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 8A-A8 all keys lost(free pincode)
  • 27 2018- HIGHLANDER(petrol) 8A-A8 all keys lost(free pincode)
  • 28. 2018- TOYOTA PRADO 8A-A8 all keys lost(free pincode)
  • 29. 2018- TOYOTA ALPHARD proximity(8A-A9) all keys lost(free pincode, smart key ECU with 24 pin)
  • 30. 2018- TOYOTA VELLFIRE proximity(8A-A9) all keys lost(free pincode, smart key ECU with 24 pin)
  • 31. Add backup smart key ECU IMMO data by OBD for below models (more models in testing):

LEXUS RX series


Smart ecu plug has changed on the 2023.  (BA BA is the newest no support). On the plug itself only the power 12v changes.. terminal 3 is for Corolla only, and 4 is for RAV4, Avalon, 4runner, Highlander.




OBDSTAR Program Toyota RAV4 2021 8A Proximity Bypass PIN


3). Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S

Lonsdor ADP Adapter supports 90% Toyota Lexus (up to 2021) proximity smart key programming without PIN.

Connect Lonsdor Adp Adapter

All keys lost requires LKE emulator as well.

  • 8A: DST-AES 88 A8 A9 AA
  • Supports EU US ME Toyota all keys lost via OBD
  • Free password to program dealer key & Lonsdor dedicated key

Lonsdor ADP Adapter Toyota Car List:

Toyota 8A



Land Cruiser/2014-2021









Avalon HV/2019-2021




Corolla EX/2013-2019


Lexus 8A

UX series/2018-2021

RX series/2013-2021

NX series/2017-2021

LS series/2013-2021

Toyota 4A




Corolla HV/2019-2021


Levin HV/2019-2021

IS series/2013-2021

GS series/2013-2021


*If the P04 Page ends with “BABA” or “3939”, Lonsdor will not do all keys lost, only add key.



Program Toyota RAV4 2021 All Keys Lost with Lonsdor K518 ADP Adapter

4). Launch X431 

Launch X431 IMMO Plus/IMMO Elite IMMO Pro key programmers with x-prog3 will bypass these security codes as well.

Launch X431 also has bypass cables and smart key emulator for Toyota 8A/4A proximity all keys lost.

Launch X431 24-PIN bypass cable for 2019 onwards such as Highlander, Alphard, and Vellfire, equipped with TMLF12 smart box

Launch X431 27-pin bypass cable for 4A, 8A-A9, and 8A-AA smart keys all lost

Launch X431 emulator 

Users can check vehicle coverage on Launch X431 official website or provide vehicle information to us to confirm.

Launch X431 Immo Plus Toyota Rav4 All Keys Lost 13





5). Xtool

Xtool x100 pad3/pad elite will release the update for these 8A/4A models without code and works with OEM keys.




Buy Code Online

If you don’t have bypass adapters, you can buy code directly.



Best bet is Techstream subscription with NASTF.

It’s the $65 security professional script. If you have a yearly subscription there is no cost. The yearly subscription costs $1,295.

Toyota Subscription

You can purchase a 2 day subscription at a cost of 65 dollars. Then you have to wait for email ( up to half hours) then you can re-log back in to site and get 1 free key code. It’s much quicker to just pull out the drivers door lock cylinder and get the key code. It’s stamped right on it!

If bypass the seed code, there is no option for all keys lost or generate smart key, only add key, then add the key.

Once you have reset immo, you go back and add key.



II Facebook resource 

some at facebook provides this service.

1). Groky Copbal, charges 11.99 USD per code via PayPal

2). Oumar Legzé

3). Claudia Yvett Reyez Montero

4). Ameer Hasan for this code, excellent service, always recommended.

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