Autel KM100 vs Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max

Autel MaxiIM KM100 vs Xhorse vvdi key tool max for starting out? This is a frequently asked question.


Here is the clue.

Item Autel MaxiIM KM100

Autel Km100 Immo Data Processing 1

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max

Xhorse Key Tool Max Vvdi Smart Key Clone 01

Generate remote
Garage remote X
Copy remote X
Copy transponder chip
Generate special chip
Frequency test
Immobilizer √ with VCI200 X (requires mini obd)
ID/IC Copy X
Unlock remote
Unlock Toyota smart key
Detect ignition coil signal
Generate Remote simulator X
Chip simulator X
Write key via dump X
Collect FSK ASK EEPROM frequency X
Detect IR X X
Charge remote X
Password calculation
ID48/ID48 96bit copy X
Update Lifetime free update Lifetime free update

In sum:

  • KM100 has better coverage than Xhorse in Dacia, Fiat, Honda, Benz, Open and Suzuki.
  • KM100 simulates ID46 47 48 49 8A chips, xhorse does not.
  • Xhorse key tool max is able to collect FSK and ASK frequency data to analyze the remote when the remote has got some problem.
  • KM100 cannot copy ID48 or ID48 96bit transponder yet. Key Tool Max requires 10 remotes to activate the license.
  • Key tool Max supports generate remote simulator, km100 does not.
  • Key Tool Max will copy super chip xt27a/xt27b, km100 does not.
  • KM100 has auto vin feature (auto scan vin) which xhorse doesn’t.  It is fast and easier.
  • KM100 with PLC VCI200 interface to perform IMMO function for GM, BMW, Honda, Toyota, VAG directly. Key Tool Max requires Mini OBD separately.
  • Autel released a series smart keys to work with KM100. it is dedicated for add key, entry level. Can generate also Autel keyless go keys. the immo programming is very impressive. You can use it instead ofim508 im608 on many vehicles to program keys as it’s simple and easy to pack/unpack and compact, so  it’s convenience.
  • Xhorse keytool max is the best for cloning and also is good to generate universal remotes.  VVDI tool max is a much better machine than the others, it gives away 1 cloned id48 every day.
  • KM100 is better for adding keys than key tool max. also it can generate BMW keys (with CAS module)
  • KH100 – can make some Toyota smart keys (can copy 8a toyota smart key directly) and is the only key tool that can read properly 902Mhz frequency on some USA remotes. 
  • KM100 is a good programmer for simple stuff, good coverage and alot quicker than im608 for many things.
    The XHorse has more keys it can generate. Both tools are supplementary and very affordable
  • Autel universal keys have OEM looking keys, and real close. And it is supposed to do the 902mhz, so since xhorse doesn’t support it.
  • Autel is much better organized and has a lot more information on each key Xhorse can be a bit of a confusing mess.
  • Autel has 6-button keys. But xhorse has lots of features. Xhorse Keytool so far best and largest support for car models and largest amount for keys.
  •  So you will need 2-3 different items or more. To be sure to do the job, with one of them. Get both. Both will be useful. Km100 will do most of what the im508 will do except eeprom. In long run id recommend getting something like im608. Starting out you can do a ton of cars with those two.

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