Which Tool to Program 2023 Ford F-150 Key?

What tool to program 2023 Ford F-150 key with active alarm?


Autel IM608 and smart pro cannot do 21+ F150. Only with dealer software. Got to have a NASTF subscription and a Ford tech license.

You can program all the new Ford models with NASTF and annual Ford License FDRS. It costs you $50 for 3 days. $50 is easily built into the key price.

You’ll need a laptop, a J2534 pass thru device, I use my Jbox from my Autel. And you’ll need nastf and a subscription to fdjs/fdrs.  You also need a NASTF ID and will need paperwork and ID of customer.

You can also use AE Tools jbox, cardiaq, vxdiag vcx nano Ford etc j2534 devices.


For example:

2023 Ford F-150. With J2534 and FDRS dealership software. Was a little nervous about this one with an active alarm. But all well. Programmed 2 keys no problem.

2023 Ford F150 Key


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