Yanhua Mini ACDP Cannot Open App Solution


I failed to open Yanhua Mini ACDP2 app on Android mobile phone. After accepting the authorized privacy policy, it stuck on the main interface. Any solution?

Yanhua Mini Acdp Cannot Open App


Delete old app, Download and install ACDP/ACDP2 Android Apk on www.acdpmaser.com again.

Yanhua Mini Acdp App

If still the same, clear ACDP cache and try again.

How to clear cache for Yanhua Mini ACDP?

Go to Settings->Apps->App management->Mini ACDP->Storage usage->Clear Data

Yanhua Acdp Clear Cache 1Yanhua Acdp Clear Cache 2Yanhua Acdp Clear Cache 3

Yanhua Acdp Clear Cache 4Yanhua Acdp Clear Cache 5Yanhua Acdp Clear Cache 6

Yanhua Acdp Clear Cache 7

Run APP again, All Mini ACDP to access your photos, video and audio files.
Agree authorized privacy policy
Allow Mini ACDP to access your location information while using the App
Allow Mini ACDP to send you notifications.

Run APP, it should be fine.

Yanhua Acdp Clear Cache 8Yanhua Acdp Clear Cache 9Yanhua Acdp Clear Cache 10

Yanhua Acdp Clear Cache 11Yanhua Acdp Clear Cache 12



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