Yanhua Mini ACDP “Configure ACDP device WIFI failed” Error Solution

This is obdii365 tech support for Yanhua Mini ACDP with the following error message when connected to the mobile:

Configure ACDP device WIFI failed. Please retry


Yanhua ACDP tech support from obdii365.com:


You don’t select the right serial port for your ACDP bluetooth adapter.


Please select a USB serial port


Good to know: ACDP Bluetooth setup instruction


Step 1. Bluetooth adapter connection

Step 2. ACDP initial use setup

Step 3: Device ID binding


in detail…


Step 1. Bluetooth adapter connection

Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the PC USB port ( Make sure the driver is installed) and the PC is connected to WIFI

This is the Bluetooth adapter


source: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/yanhua-mini-acdp-bluetooth-adapter.html


Step 2. ACDP initial use setup

Run ACDP software on the PC desktop


Go to Mini ACDP setting – initial use settings



Initial use settings (ACDP)

  1. the pc is connected to the wifi and confirm it has access to the internet
  2. acdp hardware access power adapter
  3. press and hold the “SET” button on the acdp device for about 7 seconds until the device buzzer’s

sounds, then release the “SET” button and click on “Next”


Initial use of settings (WIFI configuration)

If the PC is a laptop with WIFI access function, read [note 1]

If the PC is connected through a WIFI router with wired network, read [note 2]:If the PC with WIFI access function, Connect the PC to WIFI.


If the PC without WIFI access function, Connect the WIFI adapter with the PC USB, Connect the WIFI

and follow the steps below

  1. select serial port
  2. open
  3. scan
  4. device
  5. wifi name
  6. wifi password
  7. start configuration



Yanhua ACDP Bluetooth connection success!



[note 2] If the PC without WIFI access function, the PC is connected through a WIFI router with wired network. Follow the steps shown as below.


ACDP WIFI connection success!



Step 3: Device ID binding

Go to id binding after wifi connection is done


Select device ID to bind


Confirm the device id and back


Confirm the device is bound and connected successfully


Job’s done!

That’s all about ACDP bluetooth setup.


For more details, pls watch the Youtube video

ACDP tech support: http://www.obdii365.com/producttags/yanhua-acdp.html

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