Which Tool to Program 2008 Porsche Cayman PAS All Keys Lost?


2008 Porsche Cayman all keys lost. PAS immo module (Bosch m5x5 box above pedals).
Not a KESSY car.
Found a ST 24C08 chip in the PAS module, desoldered and read it using xhorse vvdi prog. Got a clean read (vin is there in plain text) but can’t find any immo tools with vvdi2 to process it.
VVDI2 has a routine to program keys through the port using dealer sourced data, but i’d like to know if there’s a straight eeprom option for these.

2008 Porsche Cayman AKL PAS 1

2008 Porsche Cayman AKL PAS 2 2008 Porsche Cayman AKL PAS 3 2008 Porsche Cayman AKL PAS 4


Abrites has a way. Also need to remove and read steering lock.
AVDI does have a way using the data from the PAS module and ESL.
abrites needs to make a dealer key so I don’t think the vvdi2 obd process will work with dealer codes and the basic hu66 key.
Codes is the way to go easy job.
avdi, autel and obdstar can do it with the codes.
Get the codes from the dump and the hitag info from an existing working key.

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