Autel IM608 Ford F350 2023 No Beeping Solution


I have a problem with a 2021 F350, all the keys lost, with the alarm going off. Key in the ignition. I’ve been waiting 10 minutes, the car beeps twice then says OK and Autel IM608 asks me to wait approximately another 10 minutes. It is not beeping, and after the error to enter security. Has something similar happened to any of you, and if so, how can you resolve it?

Autel Im608 Ford F350 2023 Prox


Turn off Bluetooth and connect USB. Use Gbox to turn off active alarm. Try again.

Autel is not a good tool for Ford active alarms. Obdstar and Autopropad are far better.

Other tools out has a bypass cable set up that works great, not autel.

Autel really sucks at doing active alarm, I have been successful with it but it’s a headache. I have fdrs now, done in 10 minutes.



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