Opel Corsa Mokka 4A Xhorse Keydiy Remote Not Working?

Here comes the problem:
I have a opel corsa F 2022 with 4A chip, all keys have lost.
Have pin code and tried to do key programming. Aftermarket didn’t work and xhorse remote didn’t either any help please?

Opel 4a Key 1


Better use OEM key for Opel.

You can also use Xhorse key (MQB or PSA 4A key).

We can use xhorse. If it’s all keys lost wait for hazards to drop flashing. Once hazards have stopped it will program right in.

Akl leave ignition on for 30 mins until hazards stop flashing before programming key.


Its PSA system. Use this firmware and it should work.


Opel 4a Key 3


Opel 4a Key 4



User feedback:

1). Programmed 2020 Opel Crosssland with Xhorse key no problem. Used autel for programming.

2). I use PSA 4A on Grandland X no problem.

3). It will work I have same issues Id4A chip I choose this smart key but actually my car doesn’t have smart key system at end all work find use this remote(XSMQB1EN)

4). I have a 22 player Corsa f I put a Xhorse mqb key on that when I first got in 2 years ago and it’s still going.

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