CK100 Program Chrysler 300M Smart Key

OBD365 technicians have made a tutorial on how to create remote keys with CK-100 auto key programmer. In this tutorial, we will take Chrysler 300M as an example.


Equipment you will need:

An orginal Chrysler 300M key

A new Chrysler 300M smart key

CK100  key programmer (Here we are using the 99.99 version, the latest version is 45.09)

A OBD2-to-car cable (There is one comes with CK100 programmer)


How to:


  • Hook up CK100 to the OBD2 port of the vehicle via the cable. The CK100 screen will light up in a few seconds.


  • Press F1 to continue.
  • Go to Main Menu and select “2) Remote Controls”.


  • Select vehicle maker as “Chrysler”, then vehicle model as “300M”, press “Enter” button.


Press any button to continue.


  • Insert the original ignition key to start the car.


  • Press any button to continue.
  • Press Lock and UNLOCK button on the remote together for 5 seconds. Then press the unlock button for 2 seconds.
  • The key is programmed.
  • Test if the remote will work.


PS: If you want to programmer more than one key, please disconnect the device with the car, and then repeat from step 1.

The programmer has been updated to the latest 45.09 version recently. If you are interested in CK100 45.09, please visit our official product link to learn more about it:

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