DIY BMW E46 330D EWS3 Key Programming with AK90+

I am currently driving a BMW 3 series E46 330D year 2002. This is my third BMW, the first was an e36 325td and second was a 745Li e66.  The car has only one key since purchase.  Calling local locksmith they want from $80 to $200 for 20 minutes of work (together with the removal / installation of the EWS). I decided to make a key duplication by myself.


So I ordered myself with a AK90+ key programmer and a key.

First came the key and I took it to cut.

By the way, the people who cut, got stuck and said that simple (cheapest) keys with alik full g08no – very soft and can easily bend. And from good manufacturers, advised JML and Silca . They are more expensive, but they will not let you down.


Next, we program the key to the car. There are two ways.

Method one: 
1. With two keys, sit in the car, close all doors and windows.
2. Insert the first key into the ignition and turn it to position “1”.
3. Turn the key to position “0” and remove the key from the ignition.
4. On the programmed key, click the “Open” button and, while holding it, press the “Close” button 3 times. Release the “Open” button. Doors must close and open.
5. On the new key, click the “Open” button, and while holding it, press the “Close” button 3 times. Release the “Open” button. The doors again must close and open.

The new key is programmed.


Method two: 

The second method is needed if you do not have a bound key or the buttons do not work:

1. Insert the key into the lock, and turn it quickly to the “1” position and back 5 times.
2. Remove the key from the ignition switch.
3. Press the “Open” button and, holding it pressed, press the “Close” button 3 times. Release the “Open” button.
4. If you have another unprogrammed key, repeat step 3 for 30 seconds.
5. Insert the key into the lock and turn it to the “1” position.

After a while the Ak90 key programmer came and I started to write the key.

First of all, we remove the EWS immo box, it’s not difficult:

Remove the lines at the driver’s feet by unscrewing the 3 screws



for convenience, you can still remove the driver’s glove box it, but this is not necessary


hen it is necessary to unscrew the two plastic nuts of the EWS block


be careful, do not drop them behind the car’s skin like me.


We take apart the unit and go home to the computer.


The software part

BTW: For those who do not have a disk or it is broken, you can download the program here :

First, I’ll tell you about installing the software for AK90+.

Run the installer and install the program


but it will not work, so still need to install the driver.

pressing the “Install USB driver” button in the program settings does not give anything


so close the program and put the driver manually, it is located in the folder “Drv”


we connect the ak90 programmer, now everything should work


Next, we take the EWS box and take it apart



Before connecting the programmer to the chip, it is necessary to clean the varnish from the legs otherwise there will be no connection. Connecting the connector to different versions of the chip is shown in the program itself. When you select the right version, the picture opens. In my case, the chip has a point and the connector is connected with a dash to this point.


With the program itself it is very simple to work.


Now i am happy!

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