Can Tango Key Programmer make a key for BMW CAS4?


Is anyone of you tried to make a key for CAS4 with Tango transponder key programmer?

Tango recognize a dump file from CAS4 and CAS4+, for encrypted dump he ask for working key or ISN.

And, I suppose it generate new file which need to be written to MCU.

I’m just curious is that work properly.



For isn, load ECU dump.
No need to write back dumps.
Just make key, and hold it near steering coloum!

When you load dump,
Tango gives you 3 options
1 working key
2. Isn
3. no keys and no isn

when you choose to enter ISN, software gives you option to enter ISN manually, don’t see there option to load dump from ECU.



Yes, Tango key programmer does make key for BMW CAS4/CAS4+.┬áBut Tango’s CAS4/CAS4+ isn’t perfect. It accepted my dump (CAS4) and I performed carefully the procedure then the key didn’t work at all. Finally, I used another tool to finish the job. I like Tango but this module needs a revision.


for cas4 and cas4+ i used Xhorse vvdi2
don’t need write back
only read d-flash
if lost all keys some time need engine ecu dump

i used vvdi prog to read CAS4
for my it is the best in this moment
i doit lot of cas4 and cas4+ ,mercedes and dont have problem
for add key for bmw dont need unlock motorolla
only read dFlash


Hope it helps.

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