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Look here: Reviews form CGDI MB Prog Mercedes Benz key programmer owners, talking about what works and what doesn’t work.


All test reports can be found at forum

incl. Mercedes cars:

ML350 2006 W164

W221 2007

G500 2000

Sprinter W906 2010, W210

W210 203


FBS4 key

W164 ML450 2009

W204 2010

W209 moto key

204 207 212 all keys lost


in detail…


First try CGDI-MB on car yesterday with ML350 2006 W164
Read EZS, calculate PSW, add BE key. All done in 17mn by side the road
ALready work on bench also W209 add key 15mn job done.
Trying key lost the same 209, failed 209 545 31 08



2007 W221 from Japan: Add key on bench
First try i use vvdi
But 2 time upload also failed cannot get pass
So i was change device Cgdi from vvdi
1 time upload successful
Good and very fast 10min got pass

CGDI-MB-W221-1 CGDI-MB-W221-2 CGDI-MB-W221-3 CGDI-MB-W221-4


It work good and fast.
Just done spare for Benz G500 year 2000 imported from Dubai. EZS 203, collect data is long about 17mn. All done in 25mn. But big problem with BE key, Only one can start and remote don’t work. Finally write NEC original key.

CGDI-MB-G500-2 CGDI-MB-G500-3 CGDI-MB-G500-4

Sprinter W906 2010 report:
Adding key success by user on Sprinter W906 2010 with BGA key
Key add on car by OBD
Also W210 add key on bench with NEC key: Success.

CGDI-MB-W906-1 CGDI-MB-W906-2

Works fast for W210 203 by myself and others users.

But only adding key on bench or on car by OBD.
No AKL in the K line EZS i see

CGDI-MB-W210-1 CGDI-MB-W210-2 CGDI-MB-W210-3

UPDATE: If someone just buy CGDI and have software 1.5, DO NOT update to version (software + Firmware)
Version 2 had big bug for doing All Key Lost 204 207. We dont know how long they fix this bug yet.
Use version 1.5 that will allow you to do AKL 204 207.


Last week i doing EIS W203 on table.
I read HC12 by VVDI Prog.
Then calculated keys by CGDI MB.
I renew used (original MB) NEC key within adapter, then programing.
Key works.
All ok.

CGDI-MB-W203-1 CGDI-MB-W203-2

FBS4 key read works

CGDI-MB-FBS4-key-read-2 CGDI-MB-fbs4-read-1

From Japan

W164 ML450 2009 spare key in 15mn all done.


From Canada
W204 all key lost on bench:
40mn collect data, 10mn PSW calculation
He did with diagram connection i’ve made on bench.


From Spain

W204 2010 add key on bench: 15mn all done

CGDI-MB with W209 moto key
Experience: Add key on bench using Moto key (051), failed
So for now, CGDI did not support Moto key.


204 207 212 all key lost bug fix, ELV function

Update from CGDI version 2.2
204 all key lost bug is really solved.
ELV function seem work OK.


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