How to Program BMW Diamond Remote Key Fob

BMW remote key fob programming guide for BMW diamond shape key ( produced from 1999 ) .

Bmw Diamond Key

1. Insert key into driver’s door lock and open central locking system using the car key.
You must initiate the central locking system first.
2. Get into the car, close all doors and insert the key into the Ignition Switch.
3. Using the car key, switch the ignition lock briefly to ignition lock position 1 and switch off again.
The switching time must remain under 5 seconds, otherwise the system is not ready for initialization.
You must insert & turn the key to ignition switch position 1 ( not position 2 )
4. Remove the key from Ignition Switch.
5. Press button #2 and hold in.
You must remove the key from ignition switch and press & hold button #2 within 5 seconds of removal.
5. Still pressing button #2 – press button #1 three times.
You then have up to 10 seconds to press the Roundel button THREE times.
6. Release button #2
When done properly the doors will automatically lock and then unlock.
7. Test remote ( s ) to ensure proper programming.

If you have any additional remote keys – you start their programming on STEP 5.
Do not insert any additional remote key into the ignition switch – if you do – the 1st key will lose it’s programming.

If the ZV does not send a return signal, initialization bust be restarted. Once the first initialization process has been completed,
another three radio transmitters can be initialized. For every radio transmitter, the procedure described under 4 above must
be repeated within 30 seconds, otherwise initialization stand-by is switched off. During initialization, all other existing radio
transmitters must be initialized. The ignition lock must never be reactivated during the initialization process. If this were to
happen, then all radio transmitters would have to be re-initialized.


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