Autel IM608 2020 Corvette All Keys Lost No Communication?


2020 Chevrolet Corvette All keys lost. Autel IM608 won’t communicate with ECU.
Any similar experience here?

Autel Im608 2020 Corvette AKL


For IM608, you need CAN FD adapter and can only do it during tech hours of Autel. You call them and read the code and they give you the codes to program the keys.

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If you want to do the new GM’s you need to really consider getting the obdstar x300 dp plus and CAN FD adapter. it fills more gaps when paired with the im508 then the key tool plus did with the im508.
it’s good on Asian cars too. I had 2 nissan fails in the last month, 1 was a Sentra, forgot the other one, obdstar did it Fine. Autel did program the chip part, but not remote.

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