Mazda 6 All Keys Lost Car Not Crank Solution


Programmed a smart key to a Mazda 6 2015 all keys lost using one key with xhorse vvdi key tool plus, key light goes off but doesn’t crank.
Do I need to make the keys complete two keys before it can start?
Shows a red key indicator light (keyless system malfuntion) on dashboard?
Cos I went with one smartkey only.




You need 2 keys if it is key lost. Also check to have the correct fcc and frequency.

You need to program 2 keys in after all keys lost procedure! vehicle will crank and start only with 2 keys programmed.

If you don’t have two, just use a transponder set up to the vehicle (or use Xhorse / keydiy smart remote).

if it still doesn’t crank try swapping batteries to cr2032.

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