OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 Forget Screen Unlock Password Solution

If you forget the screen unlock password of OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3/Key Master G3, you have to reflash the firmware.

Obdstar G3 Screen Password

G3 uses different firmware reflash files as X300 DP Plus or other 5 inch tablets.

Download Firmware Reflash Files for OBDSTAR G3

1.SD Firmware Tool

2.G3 reflash file (DP800.img)

The file is huge. Contact www.obdii365.com customer service to send this file online.


How to Reflash OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 firmware?

Warning: Upgrading the firmware will clean up all the settings in the device and all the software in the DP. Users who have expired cannot download the software again through the one-click upgrade, so the software in the device needs to be backed up.


Prepare a good  SD card or TF card.
Restore TF card using the SD_Firmware_tool file.

2. Insert TF card to laptop

3. Select the img reflash file

4. Click to make upgradable TF card and wait for it to be completed

5. After the card making is completed, insert the SD/TF card into the device, restart and wait for the reflashing to be completed.



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