Hyundai Mistra 2016 Key Programming and Mileage Correction

OBDSTAR X300 DP (Key Master DP) key programmer will not only program keys on Hyundai Mistra 2016 but also correct odometer on it. Check instruction below:


Program keys on Hyundai Mistra 2016 with OBDSTAR X300 DP:

Go to Immobilizer function menu

Select Hyundai vehicle icon


Choose Hyundai car software version V20.24 and click Yes.

Choose Hyundai region/manufatuer,  i.e Beijing Hyundai

Choose “By car model” and click Yes

Select model “Mistra”

Select “Immobilizer” and press on Start button

Turn ignition OFF

Enter security code and confirm


Click “Enter” and  use the top of new remote key to press Start button within 5 seconds and keeping for 5 seconds.


Indicator light turns on

Soon X300 DP will show program success.

Whether to program next key? Press Yes to continue and No to stop.

OBDSTAR X300 DP program a new remote key on Hyundai Mistra 2016 successfully.



Change mileage on Hyundai Mistra 2016 via OBDSTAR X300DP

Go to Mileage Adjustment menu

Select Hyundai

Select Mistra


Choose KM

Key Master DP read original mileage 10906KM



Click Adjust mileage and manually enter new mileage and confirm


Successfully change odometer from 10906KM to 12345KM!


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