How to Program Skoda Octavia 2012 ID48 Key with Xhorse VVDI

Let’s share the Skoda Octavia 2012 key programming method with VVDI (VVDI2 or FVDI)


It is easy to be a pro but I think that it is a little hard for you who did not actually program,
It takes about 5 minutes to complete the program.


Recommended equipment: VVDI (FVDI)
The remote control number is mostly 735N and the frequency is 433. After the key is mowed, it is usually direct.

Put the 48 chips into the program.
How to program
Before using Afudi, first connect the car OBD port and then connect the notebook. Use one key to open the ignition switch.
After entering the VVDI system, if you are not sure what kind of measuring machine and what kind of vehicle the vehicle was using, please select “Automatic Identification Measuring Machine Type” and wait a moment. “Volkswagen 4 Immo Measuring Device – Chip Type NEC + 24C32” As shown in the picture below.

1, Select “Read EEPROM” and do not disconnect the power until 100% is completed.
2, After reading the EEPROM data, it is necessary to save the data.
3, Select “Read theft data”, and if successful, the information of the car key will be displayed at the VVDI menu operation interface. If you increase the key further, the key’s information will appear in positions 3 and 4. Of course you should keep the theft protection data well.
4, When you select “Create a Dealer Key”, you must place a new key on the VVDI program coil, the next “Dealer Key Success and Lockout” is presented (as shown below).
5, If you select “Add Key”, you will be prompted to save the EEPROM. You can click “YES” directly because you saved it in the first part above, then another dir log box will pop up. There is a choice.
Increase direct dealer key to anti-theft system, place new key in program coil.
The keys are inserted into the toggle switch according to the key learning and presentation. After all the keys of the car have been prepared, the key that has not been learned can not start the car
The first method applies to increasing the direct key, the second method applies when the car owner loses one key, and the key that does not participate in the original car program can be discarded through key learning again together)


You can make choices based on actual situation.
If the first selection is made, enter the key quantity, place the generated dealer key theft protection on the Afudi program coil, and click “OK” to indicate that the key increase was successful. The chip is program complete.


Remote control program

After entering the “Add-ons”, select the BCM remote control, increase the remote control, select the number of remote controls to program, select 1, press the Unlock button of the remote control key to be programmed for 1 second. Operation is simple.

Thank you for reading.

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