Program Lexus ES 300 2013 All Keys Lost with VVDI Prog + Tango

How to Program Lexus ES300 year 2103 4-button smart key when all keys lost by using Xhorse VVDI Prog and Tango key programmer.


Step 1: Read EEPROM 93C46

Follow wiring diagram to connect ecu IC 93C46 with Xhorse VVDI Prog and eeprom clip adapter.


Choose ecu and chip type, read and save eeprom data, i.e lexus2013.bin

lexus-es300-tango-vvdi-prog-3 lexus-es300-tango-vvdi-prog-4

Step 2: Make key with Tango 

Open Tango transponder key programmer software


Upload eeprom data just read by VVDI Prog



Select TMS 37200


Insert key into Tango key programmer or attached smart key very close to Tango to identify


Tango has created the new key data bin file (i.e lexus2013b.bin).
Upload the new file to the immobilizer memory to complete key programming.


1st key is programmed



Step 3: Write back new key data to programmer

Upload new key data lexus2013b.bin file to vvdi prog

Click on Write

Write key data success


Save the new written eeprom data, i.e lexus2013eest.bin



Step 4: Program key success

Open Tango software again

Upload the new eeprom data lexus2013eest.bin

Press Program key icon

Key has been programmed successfully



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