How to program Mazda CX5 2016 smart keys? Which key tool works?

This is for those who are looking for procedure to program smart keys to Mazda-cx5 2016.


  1. No luck with MVP!


  1. Send data log if failure with Otosys IM600!


Just select the Smart Key menu, and follow prompts on the screen. Engineers say for this car, it’s bypass PIN, no need for any 4 digit or 6 digit code. If still any problem, pls send us the new complete datalog for check.

auro-im600-mazda-cx5-smart-key-1 auro-im600-mazda-cx5-smart-key-2 auro-im600-mazda-cx5-smart-key-3

If you fail to do that, pls. send through the data log to Auro to assess what occurred and also fix the issue. Contact and also ask if there is another option for programming or if there has been a recent update. If all datalogs are sent through the professionals will address the issues, if you don’t send them through the issues are unknown. It helps you all to send through any issues and data log them.



  1. Can be done with Obdstar tools!


Option 1: No issues with OBDSTAR X300 DP!

You can use the little obdstar green box..

Note that don’t use the factory vcm2; it is useless without the incode.. it will not calculate the incode/outcodes 2013+++ smart keys


If you have all lost keys.. you have to use the tool to force the ignition on. Then just add a key like you would like any other Mazda. The only difference in the obdstar/xtool is that it skips the outcome in code calculation


Use key master/x300 pro by obdstar it does it without asking for in code and outcode



Option 2: Work perfect with Obdstar F100/H100

This key tool and solution are born for Ford/Mazda owners 🙂


Note that there are two selections ENT and ESC at the bottom of the OBDSTAR F-100 key pro. Press ENT means to continue,and press ESC means to return


Connect F100 to the car


The programmer tool starts, and press ENT


Select Mazda CX5



With start




Switch ignition on


Follow the tip that all the smart key out of the car 1 meters away.




Press and hold the vehicle start button for 10 seconds, Start button indicator




Select all smart keys lost


Instruction: All smart keys will be erased, MIN keys are required



Switch ignition on




Current number of smart key:2


Press ENTER to continue, press ESC to return


Configuring the system, please wait…


Reading vehicle information…


Configuring the system, please wait…


Current number of smart key: 0


Erase complete


Configuring the system, please wait…


Switch ignition off


Press press button and follow the steps


Use a new smart key to contact start button, press ENTER to continue




Configuring the system, please wait


Current number of the system smart keys: 1


Program success, whether to program next one? Press ENTER to continue ,press ESC to return.



Switch ignition off and configuring the system, please wait…


Press start button and follow the same steps like the first key


Then current number of smart keys: 2


You have to complete the following procedures, engine can be started:


Switch ignition off

Put on the brakes, the key 1 press start button to start the engine for 3 seconds, then turn off the ignition switch

If you want to add more keys, please repeat procedure 2, complete.

Finally, test the new keys to test if they can work.



Mazda CX5 2016 smart key program: Auro IM600? Obdstar X300? F100?

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