OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Works Good on Asian Models Nissan Toyota etc

Obdstar X300 Pro3, Good economy key programmer. Asian models are pretty good but you need to know what you’re doing to use it. . . i.e . how to convert BCM serial no to pin code on Nissan and which ones are 4 digit pin vs. 20 digit pin. It’s not in the manual. Pretty much nothing of value is in the manual except how to plug in and update it.

It’s a game of “where’s waldo” when trying to figure out what model in another market will work to program a particular car (that isn’t an Asian model, i.e. USA Fords). I started a spreadsheet to document what works and what doesn’t. No, I won’t send it to you. . . join some forums and figure it out yourself or pay thousands of dollars for something better like a T-Code that comes with support and a proper manual.

The tool is well made and does a TON of stuff for the money. I bought it exclusively to program G and H chip Toyota and it works perfectly for that.

There’s zero documentation with the eeprom adapter so I haven’t used any of that. Odometer correction is also fairly limited. If you’re expecting a one-tool solution for key programming, this isn’t it but it’s def. worth the price.

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Look here: my Obdstar key master working for Toyota H and G chip

Obdstar x300 pro 3 and Toyota H chip: success!

Obdstar x300 pro 3 and Toyota G chip: success!


In detail..


Obdstar x300 pro 3 and Toyota H chip:

Car: Toyota Altis Esport

Key type: chip H (47)


obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-1 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-2 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-3 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-4 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-5 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-6 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-7 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-8 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-9 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-10 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-11 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-12 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-13 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-14 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-15 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-16 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-17 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-18 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-19 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-20

source: http://www.key-programmer.org/2016/12/29/obdstar-x300-pro3-program-toyota-h-chip-remote-key/


Obdstar x300 pro 3 and Toyota G chip:

Model: Toyota Hilux Vigo 2010

Key type: G chip (72)


obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-1 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-2 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-3 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-4 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-5 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-6 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-7 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-8 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-9 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-10 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-11 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-12 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-13 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-14 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-15 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-16 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-17

Source: http://blog.obdii365.com/2016/12/27/obdstar-x300-pro3-reset-g-chip-immo-on-toyota-hilux/

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