Program Fiat Palio ID48 2002 Key with VVDI Prog and Tango

How to program Fiat BSI module transponder chip key for Fiat Palio, Adventure, Panda etc with VVDI Prog and Tango key programmer.

Example: Fiat Palio (Magneti Marelli) 2002 with Megamos ID48 chip


Read Dump
In VVDI Prog, select 4-Immobilizer->Fiat->BSI

Fiat Bsi Vvdi Prog 1

Fiat Bsi Vvdi Prog 2
Check BSI wiring diagram

Follow wiring diagram to connect BSI module with vvdiprog mc9s12 adapter

Fiat Bsi Vvdi Prog 3
Read data and save dump

Fiat Bsi Vvdi Prog 4

Fiat Bsi Vvdi Prog 5


Write Key
Open Tango key programmer software
Select Car Model->Fiat->Palio 2002 HC912

Fiat Bsi Tango 1

Fiat Bsi Tango 2
Upload dump file read by vvdi-prog

Fiat Bsi Tango 3
Place an ID48 transponder into Tango programmer

Fiat Bsi Tango 4
Choose a not used key position and Write key

Fiat Bsi Tango 5
Save new key data

Fiat Bsi Tango 6
Upload the new file to the immobilizer memory to complete key matching.


Write back data
In VVDI Prog software, open new key data

Fiat Bsi Tango 7
Press Write

Fiat Bsi Tango 8
Save dump data

Fiat Bsi Tango 10
Upload dump data to Tango to check key is well programmed.

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