Solved! CGDI Keys Not Read or Written to CGDI MB

The last batch of CG keys was not read or written to the CGDI MB. The manufacturer CGDI MB recommends replacing the IR receiver and transmitter.



Here’s the customer’s good working experience on solving this issue.

There was neither time nor desire to buy it and wait. Therefore, I tried to install the IR receiver and transmitter from an old faulty original key. Now CGDI MB reads and writes perfectly again !!!

Cgdi Mb Be Key IR Receiver 1

Cgdi Mb Be Key IR Receiver 2

Cgdi Mb Be Key IR Receiver 3

Cgdi Mb Be Key IR Receiver 4

Regular keys labeled CG. Of the five keys, only one key was recorded from the fifth time. After replacing IR light and photo diodes, the keys can be read and written without problems.

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