Autel IM508 Failed to Renew Benz Key Solution


I had a problem that I could not reformat/renew the Mercedes keys with Autel im508 xp400. Are there other ways besides this one?

Autel Im508 Renew Benz German Key 2

Autel Im508 Renew Benz German Key 1


Aute can’t clear/renew original Mercedes key. OEM keys do not work. Only BE keys.

The type of this key can’t renew of this way, but you can use other way desolder nec chip put it on adapter read data chip and renew.

You must be able to reset Chinese v51 keys. Original keys can only be reset or programmed thru nec programer, i.e AK500.

That mean you must desolder nec chip from inside the key, put it in programmer that can program nec chip, and program key file. Can not be done thru ir by any programmer.

if you want to renew keys buy the xhorse vvdi mb tool with nec adapter or cgdi mb device (soldering job). Only keys with NEC inside could be renewed.

Vvdi Mb Nec Key Adapter

You can also use ak500 to rest the nec ic and write back file with vvdi mb.

Read/Write/Renew Mercedes NEC Chip: CGDI MB or VVDI MB Tool?

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