CGDI Prog BMW CAS3 Downgrade Success

New CGDI BMW test report: BMW CAS3 9395656 downgrade success using cgdi.


Credit to  Mr.Dolatowski

cgdi-bmw-cas3-downgrade-1 cgdi-bmw-cas3-downgrade-2

CGDI  ask to downgrade the current CAS version

Make sure the car has enough power supply and don’t disconnect cgdi prog during the programming process.


the most important voltage I set to 14.03 volt it was my second attempt the first time I did without a power supply and I detained cas fortunately I had a backup eeprom and flash. After that you do as in the movie when the program tells you to remove the key, pull it out and just wait and must do the downgrade.

I do not use a laboratory power supply or a computer power supply, only a specialized power supply which gives voltage and about 80 Amperes under the ista P, for this I do not do it on the table but connected everything in the car. Backup your eeprom and flash and you can go ahead and try if you don’t do it, upload original eeprom flash and get back on your feet. This is not a fiction but a reality.

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Downgrade CAS3 success


Save data.


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